How to Look Good During a Heat Wave

How to Look Good During a Heat Wave

Summer in the UK is many things: unpredictable, cloudy, cold and unfortunately, damp. When it’s meant to be the sunniest time of the year, it’s usually miserable. However this year things are heating up, with record hottest temperatures of 34 degrees Celsius blazing us. But how do you stay cute when you feel as if you’re about to melt? Luckily, I have some advice. 

Avoid Non-Breathable Fabrics

It’s easy to forget that your skin needs to breath, and when it’s hot – sweat. By wearing clothes made up of natural fabrics like cotton, it helps to regulate air flow that will help dry up perspiration and keep you cool. If you can, avoid synthetic fabrics, in particular polyester, as these fabrics wick sweat. Although repelling sweat sounds better in theory, synthetic fabrics aren’t breathable, so wearing them will reduce airflow, creating damp pools of sweat. 

Swap the Trainers for Sandals

I know, your white Adidas trainers pair really well with your floral midi dress but is it worth it for hot, uncomfortable feet? Your feet are essential for regulating body temperature as they contain specialised blood vessels which when open, can pass lots of blood through quickly and release heat. By swapping out your Summer trainers for open sandals, you expose your feet to the air, and by cooling them, can keep the rest of your body cool too. 

Don’t Forget a SPF

If you live in a country which rarely gets hot, as soon as the Sun peaks its head out, you can become solely motivated to get a tan which leaves you a bronzed and glowing goddess. But with the sun comes sun burns, which are downright dangerous and especially painful. To avoid spending the afternoon peeling away burnt skin, regularly put on a face and body SPF which will ensure that you stay protected. If you want to tan, use a sunscreen with a lighter SPF so that you can keep you skin safe. 

(Bonus) Pack an Umbrella

This really depends on where you live. For me, no matter what time of year, you can never depend on the weather staying consistent for more than five minutes. Whether you’re going to a concert, an amusement park or even the beach, there’s no harm in packing a rain-coat or an umbrella, just in case the weather turns. To enjoy Summer to the fullest, it helps to be prepared for whatever it throws at you.