Transform Your Clothes Into Party Ready Outfits

Transform Your Clothes Into Party Ready Outfits

Frost outside, dark evenings and the struggle to get out of your cozy bed in the morning. It’s the middle of December 2019, so you know what this means: New Years parties, family gatherings – and not knowing what to wear for either of them.

Year on year, I tend to not purchase too many new pieces in Winter, so when Christmas arrives and I’m meant to dress up, I struggle to put together cohesive looks. The festive season is also very expensive, between buying gifts, going to Christmas markets, and nights out. To avoid looking fashionably confused but not becoming bankrupt, here’s a few fashion suggestions to brighten up those basic pieces most of us own.

Dress up your jeans with a bustier top

Everyone has at least one pair of jeans – and although denim may not be known for the festive season, that doesn’t mean that you can’t dress it up with a chic bustier top.

Bustier tops are bang on trend this season and add a romantic touch to a simple of jeans. To avoid freezing, layer over a blazer and party the night away. This bustier top is from Boohoo, and is also available in hot pink, neon yellow and white (£12).

Finish the look with square high heels and some statement earrings for effortless class.

Vamp up a midi dress with knee high boots.

This can apply to any dresses or skirts that are long in length. Adding knee high/thigh high boots to a midi dress brings drama, as well as warmth, to an outfit. Does your dress have splits? Wearing thigh high boots underneath will be sure to grab attention and is more edgy than a pair of heels.

These stunning croc leather effect knee high boots are from Missguided, and come in multiple colours (£55).

Complete the outfit with simple jewelry for a paired back, stylish ensemble.

Match a basic top with an eye-catching skirt

If you own a basic t-shirt, wearing it with a patterned skirt can transform it into comfy yet dressy look. An edgy band t-shirt matches well with a feminine skirt and creates visual contrast, for a more interesting outfit.

This skirt I am recommending is one that I own and love. This black floral mini skirt is from Urban Outfitters, and is also available in red. (£36)

To finish the look, add sheer black tights, heed boots and a leather jacket.

Make a little black dress pop, with standout accessories.

It’s time to pull out the black dress that’s been sitting in the back of your wardrobe! To fully embody a 90’s party girl, glam up a little black dress (or any mini dress) with rhinestone tights and thin heels. These tights are from Ebay but are available across the internet. (£4.19)

Simply add dangling rhinestone earrings to complete your debut as a human disco ball. Alternatively, for an extra expensive look, pair the tights with a satin dress, and skinny heels and hair accessories.

Hair and makeup

Almost any outfit can be become your party attire, with the right hair and makeup. A quick search on Youtube or a glance at Instagram will unveil a buffet of inspiration for party looks.

Recently, I have been found some especially dazzling eye looks from Regina @coolgirlswearmugler as well as makeup inspiration from Alexa Demie. A simple rule is to add lots of glitter and just enjoy yourself.

How to Look Good During a Heat Wave

How to Look Good During a Heat Wave

Summer in the UK is many things: unpredictable, cloudy, cold and unfortunately, damp. When it’s meant to be the sunniest time of the year, it’s usually miserable. However this year things are heating up, with record hottest temperatures of 34 degrees Celsius blazing us. But how do you stay cute when you feel as if you’re about to melt? Luckily, I have some advice. 

Avoid Non-Breathable Fabrics

It’s easy to forget that your skin needs to breath, and when it’s hot – sweat. By wearing clothes made up of natural fabrics like cotton, it helps to regulate air flow that will help dry up perspiration and keep you cool. If you can, avoid synthetic fabrics, in particular polyester, as these fabrics wick sweat. Although repelling sweat sounds better in theory, synthetic fabrics aren’t breathable, so wearing them will reduce airflow, creating damp pools of sweat. 

Swap the Trainers for Sandals

I know, your white Adidas trainers pair really well with your floral midi dress but is it worth it for hot, uncomfortable feet? Your feet are essential for regulating body temperature as they contain specialised blood vessels which when open, can pass lots of blood through quickly and release heat. By swapping out your Summer trainers for open sandals, you expose your feet to the air, and by cooling them, can keep the rest of your body cool too. 

Don’t Forget a SPF

If you live in a country which rarely gets hot, as soon as the Sun peaks its head out, you can become solely motivated to get a tan which leaves you a bronzed and glowing goddess. But with the sun comes sun burns, which are downright dangerous and especially painful. To avoid spending the afternoon peeling away burnt skin, regularly put on a face and body SPF which will ensure that you stay protected. If you want to tan, use a sunscreen with a lighter SPF so that you can keep you skin safe. 

(Bonus) Pack an Umbrella

This really depends on where you live. For me, no matter what time of year, you can never depend on the weather staying consistent for more than five minutes. Whether you’re going to a concert, an amusement park or even the beach, there’s no harm in packing a rain-coat or an umbrella, just in case the weather turns. To enjoy Summer to the fullest, it helps to be prepared for whatever it throws at you.