Stop Work Related Stress From Taking Over

Stop Work Related Stress From Taking Over

Expectations. Pressure. Comparison. Whether you are a student or in full time employment, you may sometimes feel as if your workload has taken over your entire life; and not just when you have deadlines. Working too hard for long periods of time is a known causer of stress and burnout, but it can be hard to justify taking breaks when you need to get the job done. Especially if you are always trying to do things perfectly.

As a second-year student balancing studies with extra curricular activities and finding a placement, there are previous moments in my life when I have thrown myself into my work, despite feeling overworked and stressed out. Usually it is because I want to do everything to the best of my ability. However, it is physically and mentally unhealthy to be overwhelmingly stressed constantly.

Fortunately, there are some ways to stop stress from taking over.

Plan Your Calendar

Effective time-management is key in reducing stress. If your schedule is disorganised, it can lead to trying to do too many things in not enough time, and undoubtedly causing stress.

To help organise your time, create a diary; be it on your phone, or in a notebook. In the diary, write down of all the tasks you need to complete. Tasks can be numbered or colour-coded, to distinguish which tasks are of most priority. By completing tasks in an sensible order, you will manage your workload better and feel accomplished. Moreover, a calendar can be used to plan additional activities outside of work, such as meeting with friends, or relaxing with Netflix and popcorn.

Brighten Up Your Work Environment

Have you ever thought about bringing some of your amazing personality to your work space? If you work at a desk, photos of you and your pals can remind you that your loved in times of stress. Other personal touches include: Figurines, artwork, a cute pen pot, and the uber trendy potted plant. Incorporating these personal touches into your work space will bring joy to the space and express your unique style.

Focus on Yourself

Once you’ve found a balance between work and free time that you are happy with, use your free time for whatever makes you smile. It may be a fitness class, shopping or trying a new activity (For me, I’m learning French on Wednesdays). Even a quiet evening in will keep you refreshed, and stress levels down.

Celebrate Achievements

You’ve worked really hard, you exceeded those targets and impressed your management – what do you do? CELEBRATE! In a fast-paced work environment, achievements can sometimes be looked past, in moving onto the next project. However, it is essential to celebrate achievements at work, to reward yourself for your efforts and to acknowledge what all that hard work is for. Celebrating achievements not only relieves personal stress, it acts as a breathing space before the next big project. It may even boost morale at work, so gather your employees and shower the confetti.

Talk About it

Not matter what steps you take, stress can still happen and become overwhelming. If you feel that you are consistently in a state of stress, you need to find the root of the issue. Speak to a member at work or university/school that you feel comfortable talking to, and express to them how you are feeling. Even just telling someone how you are feeling will help relieve you. From then, steps can be taken to reduce stress in the future.

Thanks for reading. Do you have any other tips for reducing stress, or finding balance between work and activities? Say them here in the comments.

(BTW, I also have a new fashion related post coming out next week)!