You deserve a good movie – why not watch this?

You deserve a good movie – why not watch this?

Well – we’re still in quarantine and it not going any time soon. If you read my last blog post, one of the things that I do to brighten up my day, whilst also deluding myself into feeling ‘productive’ is to watch movies. Comedy or horror, romance or thrillers, nearly everything is on my watch next list. If you’re thinking of watching something new, here’s what I recommend:

Fantastic Mr Fox

‘Fantastic Mr Fox’ based of the novel by Roald Dahl, follows a cunning tale of families of wildlife versus three rampaging farmers, set in rural England. Directed by Wes Anderson, this stop-motion film is cozy coloured with fuzzy textures. His identifiable visual style of intricate details and symmetry adds style to the film, rather than distraction. Like Fantastic Mr Fox himself, the humour is clever, smart and is punched out by a stellar cast. For small animals, they certainly pack lots of personality.

Watch it for: Rosy art style, quick wit and the fast-paced action.

LA LA Land

‘La La Land’ is a classic romance story starring Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling as they pursue their far-fetched dreams in LA. The movie achieves a clear balance between modern struggles and the bygone golden age of Hollywood. Likewise, it’s mix of musical theatre and jazz scores each scene so well I would consider them to be stand-alone pieces of art. The connection between Stone and Gosling is undeniable but this is very much a love story for the dreamers; who work non-stop to achieve their dreams, no matter how futile it may be.

Watch it for: The wonderful soundtrack, the warm color palette, and a perfect homage to old Hollywood.

Lady Bird

There’s a reason why ‘Ladybird’ is rated 99% fresh at Rotten Tomatoes. Ladybird is triumphant in it portrayal of relationships. ‘Ladybird’ (Saoirse Ronan) is a moody teenager growing up in Sacramento California, with dreams of becoming a writer on the East-Coast. The movie follows moments in her life of self-discovery, including her first boyfriend and prom. Ladybird’s relationship with her mother (Laurie Metcalf) is the key focus of the film, and is beautifully conveyed on screen. As Greta Gerwig’s solo directorial debut it’s intimate, sad, hopeful and real (If you aren’t a Greta Gerwig devotee yet, this movie will convert you).

Watch it for: The top-notch acting, the inevitable tears and 2000’s vibes.

My neighbor Totoro

From the Japanese animation titan Studio Ghibli, ‘My neighbor Totoro’ follows the story of a family who move to the Japanese countryside to be close to their sick mother, and the spirits that they encounter. The movie perfectly portrays family but attention must be given to the whimsical and wonderful forest spirits. Ghibli has always portrayed nature well in films and after viewing ‘My Neighbor Totoro’ you’ll most likely become inspired by the magical mysteries of nature. Honestly I could recommend any studio Ghibli film, but this was a recent watch for me, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Watch it for: Gorgeous animation, scenic countryside, soothing music and the icon that is Totoro.

Thanks for reading 🙂 Hope you are all safe. If you have any movie recommendations yourself, post them in the comments.