This App Unexpectedly Improved My Music Taste

This App Unexpectedly Improved My Music Taste

Great things can come from unexpected places and where else for hidden inspiration than the viral app ‘Tik Tok’? This video social media app invites you to use sounds and visual filters to create short videos and share them online. Tik Tok has grown substantially in 2020, fortified by new users during COVID lock downs. It now has over 800 million users worldwide.

I had been aware of Tik Tok since last year but did not choose to download it until this Summer, for two reasons:

  1. I work with social media and should be aware of the trends and functions appearing across social media platforms.
  2. My friends who already were present on the app spoke fanatically about it.

I joined Tik Tok expecting to find gen z humour and fashion inspiration. Instead, I was presented with many musicians that can only be described accurately with this Lady Gaga meme:

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As proof, here’s some of the amazing artists I’ve been introduced (and reintroduced to) by Tik Tok.

The Garden

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California based duo ‘The Garden’ popped up to me in a Tik Tok with their track ‘California Here We Go’ used and immediately wanted to hear the full song. I’ve since become enamored with them, listening to their rock in the mornings for daily hype. If you were the main character in a movie, ‘The Garden’ would feature in your soundtrack.

Listen to: California Here We Go, Egg, Call This # Now.

Haley Heyderickx

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Singer-songwriter Haley Heyderickx’s musical statement is melodic, hypnotic and soothing. I’m so glad her song ‘The Bug Collector’ was recommended to me in a Tik Tok as I’ve yet to hear a track of hers that I dislike, or want to skip. You’ll soon become addicted to her vibrant acoustics and haunting lyrics.

Listen to: Drinking Song, The Bug collector and Slow Talkin’. Her album ‘I Need to Start a Garden’ is a must listen.


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Yes I am cultured and yes I have listened to ABBA on countless occassions. Both in it’s originally and ‘Mamma Mia’ iterations, ABBA music stands the test of time; being enjoyed across generations. I thought that I had already heard all of the Swedish group’s music, but again through Tik Tok, I was introduced to ‘If it wasn’t for the nights’. The repetitive disco beat and catchy lyrics are joyful to hear, as well as ear worm causing. There’s an ABBA song for every occasion.

Listen to: If it wasn’t for the nights. Then listen to anything else from their discography for an instant serotonin boost.

Girl in Red

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I became acquainted with artist Girl in Red in an unorthodox way, which I will explain. On Tik Tok, there are two ways of browsing videos. Either you can watch videos from who you are ‘Following’ on the app; or a recommended ‘For You Page’ (FYP) of selected content. It was on my FYP that I was reccommended bedroom tours, by students like me. In many of these videos, a poster appeared asking ‘Do you listen to Girl in Red?’ It was from there I searched and discovered that amazing musical artist.

Girl in Red, (also known as Marie Ulven) is an indie pop artist best known for her song ‘We fell in love in October’. Her unique songwriting and funky guitar create songs made for dancing to.

Listen to: Girls, we fell in love in October and Bad idea!. (Girls is my favourite ‘look out the window and think existentially think’ song).


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Indie artist Rex Orange County has produced some of my most loved songs for years. Due to this fact I assumed that I had listened to all of his discography. However, through the magic of Tik Tok’s algorithm I found ‘Pluto Projector’ from his newest album ‘Pony’. Rex Orange County’s is such a gifted musician that you can listen to his songs multiple times, and hear something new each time. Personally, I cannot access the words to describe how much I adore the instrumental ending to ‘Pluto Projector’. You simply have to hear it for yourself.

Listen to: Pluto Projector, Corduroy Dreams, Grass Stains, Best friend.

Whilst I only joined recently, I can’t understate the positive effect of Tik Tok on my playlists. If you haven’t joined yet, do it today. The sooner you do, the sooner you’ll meet endless musical entertainment.

Thanks again for reading.