These are a list of my favourite (second hand) things

These are a list of my favourite (second hand) things

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Grab your tote bag and head to the nearest charity shop – this post is all about second hand shopping. Currently expressed through #secondhandseptember we have been experiencing a growing love affair with the resale market. In celebration I thought it would be fun to show some of my most treasured second hand purchases. Environmentally conscious and unique, why not get shopping?

These artsy books

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I promise they weren’t bought solely for the covers. I found these two books at an Oxfam book shop in Belfast and was immediately drawn to them. Both books discuss art, however they each focus on different art mediums (photography/painting and film). I’ve become encapsulated by the variety of books available at this charity shop, making it a regular visit for me.

A classic check skirt

This ‘Bratz’ style skirt was purchased from the resell app Depop. For buying second hand clothes online, Depop has to be one of the best and easiest platforms to use. On the app it’s effortless to search for items and contact sellers. I found this skirt when looking for a tennis skirt and was able to get a great discount on it. Unfortunately this skirt is quite short in length, but otherwise I’m excited to incorporate it into my Autumn wardrobe.

This *stunning* red dress

I thoroughly believe that Cher Horowitz a la ‘Clueless’ would definitely approve of this dress. Also from Depop, this vintage Dorothy Perkins dress is a big highlight of my collection. For a vintage piece, the quality of the chiffon fabric is amazing, and the colour is a romantic red. Although I haven’t worn it to an occasion yet, this dress will soon become my go-to look.

An oversized graphic shirt

FYI: I don’t have a photo of my sweatshirt, so this is from Lyst.

Classic graphic tees and sweatshirts are in high abundance in the resale market. From childhood TV show characters to 90’s bands, there’s a guaranteed graphic t-shirt featuring it. What first attracted me to this sweatshirt on Depop was its pastel cosmic print. Since then, I’ve worn it for many cosy nights in. Originally from the luxury brand ‘Alexa Chung’, I got it for a bargain too.

This 2000’s iconic bag

FYI: I don’t have any photos of my Boxca bag, so this image is of the same style bag from Shpock.

A leather chocolate baguette bag, for £7? Dream come true. I discovered this brown ‘Boxca’ bag at a Maire Curie charity shop this Summer and it hasn’t left my arm since. The quality and condition of the bag compared to it’s low price astonished me. It also fits a surprisingly large amount of items for a small bag. Whilst I really adore it, this bag is my second favourite buy after…

The best ever vintage suit

At the time of 3 AM I came across this two piece suit on Depop – and immediately purchased it. I do not condone impulse buying generally, but I just couldn’t allow myself to turn away this spectacular set. The paired periwinkle blazer and mini skirt not only fit perfectly, but are miraculous in hue, texture and pearly buttons. By miles this is my best fashion purchase of 2020.

Are you a resale fashion fanatic? Have a favoured second hand buy? Share it in the comments below.

Thanks for reading 🙂