Look at Lottie! Introduction

Look at Lottie! Introduction

So, am I only posting the introduction to my blog now – yes. Am I still going to tell you all about myself and why I started blogging – also yes.

If this is your first time seeing Look at Lottie, hello, my name is (big surprise) Lottie and currently I am nineteen years old, although in a few weeks, I’ll soon be turning twenty (Hooray for Virgo season!).

Anyway, I happen to live in a city called Belfast, which is in Northern Ireland. Although it’s a tiny country with a small population we’re home to friendly people, scenery so picturesque that you can’t avoid putting it on Instagram and for having rubbish weather.

Belfast is also where I study. I go to Ulster University, where I am working towards a degree in Communication, Advertising and Marketing (A mouthful, I know) and this month, I’m starting my second year of the course. In all honesty, I’m very much looking forward to going back to uni, I miss seeing all of my friends at lectures and I enjoy what I study quite a lot, even if it sounds nerdy to admit.

So why start a blog? I can’t exactly give a straightforward answer on this. One reason is that I get a lot of satisfaction out of being a creator and I like the idea of expressing myself online, regardless of whether I receive tons of followers, or not. From what I’ve seen online, blogging is a stellar way to interact and connect with people who share similar interests. Also, it’s pleasing to research and write about whatever topics I may choose to and put it out into the world for people to read.

Hopefully, if you have read my last few posts and was confused about the character who was behind them, this post will clear things up for you. If you’re new to the Look at Lottie blog, welcome! I will be posting more soon (I promise, I’m getting better at it) so until then, thanks for reading.